By observing and studying the “Trees in Nature”, it becomes unmistakably obvious that their intrinsic routine is converting “Wastes” to “Wealth”.

Conversely, by observing ourselves as humans and our daily life activities, we can see that we are moving in the complete opposite direction of what our “Trees” are doing.  With the constant need to keep automobiles in our everyday lives, our “Wealth” is being converted to our “Waste”

Trees have an immeasurably valuable contribution to our lives and to our planet in the purest natural sense. This contribution of purity is happening by the natural Photosynthesis process. 

Thinking how this may be possible, “To be like Trees” and “converting waste to wealth” was the source of inspiration of our innovation to develop:



1- Our elevated concerns of global warming and the climate changes and Serious consequences,
2- Our elevated concerns of air pollution, which leads to the increase of the various diseases around the world,
3- Our elevated concerns of the normalized of violation in environmental justice by our generation,
4- Our elevated concerns of consuming most of the fossil fuel energy sources and lack of global energy for future generations,
5- Our elevated concerns of how we owe it to our future generations as we have used most of the resources, in addition to giving them the inherited consequences of diseases, shortages, and many other issues related downstream issues
6- Our elevated concerns of the vast contributions, participation and commitment. The responsibility, contribute to the appropriate climate’s plans at the global level  “Paris climate Agreement”


Idea made based on the feeling of responsibility to;
“Do something” when  “see something.”





1- To catch the lack of extensive utilization in using the air emissions in the air pollution recycling worldwide.

2- To catch the lack of vast utilization of “Vehicle’s potentials & Vehicles Engine wastes recycling” in using toward reducing “air pollution “instead of being just polluters.

3-CARS TO TREES  ideas and inspiration was  based on our capability to work on the pre-existing vehicles, to convert them to “The Movable Trees” (as emulating the functionality of trees) 

4-Moving forward with this idea, we will have “The Movable Air Cleaners” which will propagate everywhere in the world.  




1- To have a “Well Tuned and Feasible Engineering” system in the recycling field of Carbon Capture that is capable of converting “the wastes” to “the Wealth.” (Just like Trees)

2-To have a “Well Tuned and Economically Feasible” system that can economically motivate people to participate in the Carbon Capture and removal process. By default, all participants will be real stakeholders and beneficiaries of this plan. And as a result, a “win-win-win” process with public participation will be created and expanded with positive growth.

3- To have a “Well Tuned and Simplified” proven system that can easily employ the existing resources
and applications. This System will utilize the pre-existing innovations and knowledge with a simplified and innovative assembly adaption

“We Don’t Need to Reinvent the Wheel.”
“We need to find a way that lets us utilize all pre-existed wheels already in motion.”

 CARS TO TREES innovated as engineering integration solution for responding to the concerns on all subjects mentioned above.  This was thoughtfully based on our conviction and feeling of social responsibility to do something proactively

  “If we see something, we must do something.”


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