Source & Team

Ref Sources

 The  listed below  are  the main Pre-Existing Direct Air Carbon Capture (DAC) companies, that CARS TO TREES System following their experiences as the REF  source and the pioneer in this field into its integration.

1- ClimeWork Technology (SWITZERLAND)

2- Carbon Engineering (BC , CANADA)

3-GT – Global Thermostat (USA )



Our Team

Amir Kamarbonpour

CARS TO TREES _ Funder & Innovator

Sr. Mechanical Engineer with more than 20 years of demonstrated experience in Manufacturing Engineering in several related industrial sectors. This includes but not limited to: Manufacturing Development, Oil and Energy sector, Automotive Production, Semiconductor, Medical Manufacturing, and Aerospace. His extensive experience in Manufacturing Management and Executive Coaching in several Design and Prototyping rolls for large scale production projects makes him well suited and qualified to spearhead this Cars to Trees initiative. Highly skilled in multiple Engineering Software platforms including CAD-CAM (CNC) Programming, Simulation, and Technical Analyzers. Proven track record in factory automation and robotic applications for optimizing manufacturing efficiency and throughput.

Hooman Bolandi

CDR ( Critical Design Review )

Co-Founder and President at ParkStash, current board-member and former CMO at IB labs, former Vice President of New Business & Product Development at Valin Corp; Hooman held senior positions in several semiconductor, Automation and Disc drive companies, including Applied Materials, OnTrack, Productivity Technology, Xebec, and Atcor. Over 27 years of experience in semiconductors and nanotechnology, with focus on product development from Ideation to Commercialization. He helped to develop and bring to market a number of products/equipment for Semiconductor Fabs. Hooman holds 27 patents filed/pending, and he is a Co-author of a chapter in IEEE.

MEng from Cornell University .
B.Sc. in Mechanical Eng from San Jose State University.

Matthew McCoppin

DFX (Design For Manufacturing )

Senior Manufacturing Engineer with 38+ years experience in engineering, design, fabrication, and machining. Industries served include: Aerospace, Automotive, Tool & Die, Die Cast Molds, Medical Devices, Plastic Injection Molds, And Semiconductor . And with 25+ years in Manufacturing Management roles including factory automation and robotic applications. High level expertise in Digital tooling design, CAD/CAM Programming, Robotic applications, simulation and development. Matt brings a wide range of experience in the “Design for Manufacturability” process to our development team.

Nikta Kamarbonpour

CARS TO TREES / Idea Inspirator
GEN Z Representative and Plan observer

Nikta is credited with being the inspiration behind the Cars To Trees Enterprise. She has and still does help to maintain the traction and momentum moving forward. She represents the peers of her new generation (Gen Z) in this global innovation. Additionally she is a qualified representative of all the human population impacted by societies lack of environmental justice, its consequences and accountability thereto. All in her generation have the right to critical of all of the irresponsible behavior of past generations that led to the need for innovations such as Cars To Trees and other Carbon Capture Technology applications. The primary objective of Cars To Trees was a result of Gen Z’s sophisticated and intelligent questioning their elders past shortsighted actions. Nikta is an honorary member of the Cars To Trees team. Moreover, she represents Gen Z and will track, monitor and review Cars To Trees empirical data to make sure Cars To Trees remains focused on its founding intention of restoring environmental justice within the scope of the Carbon Capture initiative.